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Nicholas Rose
Principal Scientist
  • Statistical analysis for forensic investigations

  • Contaminant fate and transport

  • Historical research and technical evaluation for litigation support

  • Environmental due diligence

Mr. Rose has experience working on a variety of scientific, environmental, and litigation projects. His focus has been on utilizing statistical techniques, historic research on site operations and environmental release mechanisms, and modeling to identify likely sources of contamination. He has extensive experience writing expert reports, reviewing historical documents, developing access and GIS databases, conducting statistical analysis of sampling data, and modeling potential allocation outcomes.

Specifically, Mr. Rose has written, collaborated on and/or overseen the production of expert reports, position papers, conceptual model reports, and white papers. These reports and white papers have focused on evaluating sediment, stormwater, upland soil, and groundwater data to identify chemical signatures for various sources. As part of the preparation of these reports, Mr. Rose has developed databases from historic records and used these databases to evaluate the potential sources of contaminant release using statistical fingerprinting methods and environmental fate and transport analysis. He has coupled the chemical analysis with historical research on a variety of historic operations, including petroleum refining, gas stations, manufactured gas plants, munitions manufacturing, asphalt and asphalt-related material production, and dry cleaners to provide strong lines of evidence for the results of the chemical analysis.

Years of Experience:
Education & Certifications
  • Master of Science, Microbiology, Rutgers

  • Master of Science, Environmental Engineering, Pennsylvania State University

  • Bachelor of Science (biochemistry focus), University of San Diego

  • Engineer in Training (EIT)

News and Events


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TIG Environmental at the North American SETAC 43rd Annual Meeting


Dr. Bock presents at Battelle Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds Conference


Modeling Source Identification, Source Control, and Natural Recovery at Sediment Sites


Evaluation of Polytopic Vector Analysis (PVA) Performance for Forensic Source Identification at Multi-Source Site.


PFAS Fingerprinting: A Multivariate Forensic Analysis, PFAS Contamination in Italy

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