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About TIG Environmental

Providing Intelligent Solutions to Complex Challenges
for more than 20 years

Sustainably reducing risk while protecting the environment is complex and challenging. The stakes for success are high. To successfully manage and resolve complex liabilities, assembling the right team and tools early in the process is essential.


TIG Environmental helps clients navigate the complexity of high-stakes environmental projects. Our experts have deep experience in finding facts, turning data into decisions, and steering strategies to achieve successful resolution. With experience and tools in advanced environmental science, engineering, statistics, project management, and information design, we specialize in investigating, analyzing, and arriving at well-informed strategic decisions that drive projects to successful outcomes.

Our experts have developed investigative, science, and engineering solutions for many of the largest contaminated sites in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Our team has helped clients navigate environmental projects in every phase, from discovery to successful restoration and remediation. Our integrated approach minimizes risks and brings projects to sustainable closure.


We offer clients the competitive advantages of intelligent investigation, advanced technical tools, strategic expertise, and global experience.  Learn more about our expertise and services here.

Looking for our Business Intelligence and Investigation Group? Visit The Intelligence Group, LLC

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