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October 20, 2021

Modeling Source Identification, Source Control, and Natural Recovery at Sediment Sites

Learn about TIG Environmental’s new tool for answering detailed questions about source contributions and remediation efficacy in complex river systems. TIGSED can assist with the complex task of assessing to what extent, if any, multiple sources contributed to contamination in river systems. In addition, TIGSED can help you understand if sources are sufficiently controlled before remediation (sufficiency assessment) and whether natural recovery and/or re-contamination will occur. With this information, you can identify, design, and select the most appropriate remedy for river sediments. The presentation explored how the TIGSED tool can identify and quantify sediment contamination from sources with multiple discharge points, conduct sufficiency assessments of source control and/or monitored natural recovery, and assess the potential for post-remedy re-contamination of sediments.

Presented by Nick Rose

TIG Environmental Staff

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Nicholas Rose

Principal Scientist

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