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For over 20 years our clients have trusted us to provide intelligent solutions to their most difficult challenges. Want to know how? Check out a few examples below.

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TIG’s expert reports and expert testimony are helping the client negotiate favorable settlements with some plaintiffs and mount a vigorous defense in court cases associated with other plaintiffs.

Alleged Dioxin Emissions from an Industrial Facility

TIG Environmental applied an allocation strategy using multiple lines of evidence to quantify an allocable share to all parties for contamination near the client’s property, thereby potentially reducing the client’s liabilities for cleanup costs.

Allocation and Cost Recovery Technical Support

Our expert testimony regarding successorship overcame a summary motion for dismissal made by one of the defendants, a Fortune 500 company.

Contamination Due to Unidentified Sources

The results of the analysis were used to narrowly define the spatial extent of AFFF impacts and limit the scope of the investigation and remediation.

Delineation of PFAS Contamination

TIG Environmental supported our client on a construction claim dispute. The case was settled in a way that minimized their original requested financial outlay and avoided continued litigation costs.

Expert Analysis of a Construction Claim

TIG Environmental's analysis is being used to support the client in obtaining a more equitable sharing of investigation, design, and response costs. The potential savings to the client could be in the millions of dollars.

Groundwater PFAS Contamination with Multiple Sources

The Intelligence Group provided our manufacturing client with a cost-effective and robust tool for quickly assessing and monitoring risks posed by emerging contaminants in a complex and evolving regulatory landscape.

Managing Emerging Risks

TIG Environmental demonstrated that PCBs adjacent to the client's facility did not originate from the facility’s current or historical operations, but instead from the operations of upstream or adjacent facilities.

PCB Characterization and Sediment Modeling Result in More Equitable Cost Allocation

By establishing that the majority of the allocable cleanup cost rested with the plaintiff, our client was able to successfully resolve its liabilities and avoid protracted litigation costs.

PRP Identification via Corporate Successorship

TIG Environmental provided technical expert support at the site for environmental liability assessment and cost allocation for the remediation of sediments and for the associated natural resource damage claims.

Quantifying Impact of Transportation Runoff on Waterway Sediment

On behalf of our client, we presented evidentiary cases to EPA that resulted in the issuance of General Notice Letters to more than 100 PRPs.

Site Inventory, PRP Prioritization, and Strategic Case Building

TIG Environmental employs TIGSED to determine the sediment contamination attributable to our clients’ operations. TIGSED was developed by TIG Environmental to model sediment contributions from multiple discharge locations to evaluate source identification, source control, and natural recovery.

TIGSED Modeling System for Sediment Contamination

TIG was able to successfully attribute nearly all of the sediment contamination to other parties and bring two parties into the cleanup of the upland parcel.

Allocation Strategy Support on an Urban River for a Water-Dependent Business

TIG Environmental's analysis is being used to support the client in obtaining a more equitable allocation of investigation, design, and remediation costs. The potential savings to the client could be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Complex Multi-PRP Sediment Sites

TIG Environmental developed an environmental impact assessment for discharged wastewater into the Curonian Lagoon in Lithuania.

Curonian Lagoon Environmental Impact Assessment

TIG Environmental moved a multi-stakeholder project forward to completion, implementing a practical solution at a complex site. Our proposed solution was accepted by the client, the regulators, and the community.

Design and Implementation of Deep Excavation for PCB Removal

Our forensic scientists ruled out the industrial client as the primary source of PCBs, PCDDs, PCDFs, and mercury in the region’s soils and pointed to other potential alternative sources as more likely.

Fingerprinting Contaminants Through the Food Web

TIG Environmental’s analysis proved that polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) releases from the client’s facilities were much lower than anticipated, resulting in a lower allocation.

Identification of Relative Contaminant Discharge Leads to Lower Allocation

Our client was able to negotiate minimal penalties and fines as a result of identifying how the incident occurred, and implemented appropriate operational controls to minimize the threat of recurrence.

Operating Incident Investigation and
Implementation of Controls

TIG Environmental was able to identify multiple chemical signatures in the sediment that were consistent with specific upland operations and the insufficiency of the previous remediation of sediments, providing our client with identification of PRPs that have some liability for the sediment contamination.

PCB Forensics at a Major Superfund Site

TIG Environmental effectively balanced competing project demands while keeping the schedule moving forward. Our team’s project approach reassured EPA and the community that their needs and concerns were met.

Pre-remedial Design Studies for Capping and Natural Recovery

TIG Environmental experts developed a tool that reduces legal risk and reputational damage from mislabeling ingredients and making false claims regarding the client’s flagship product.

Raw Material/Ingredient Verification and

TIG Environmental was able to rapidly deploy resources and reduce the scientific and engineering uncertainties, as well as identify other potentially responsible parties (PRPs) for possible cost recovery actions in the future.

Site Investigation and Source Identification

Our proprietary TIGeR system provides a cost-effective solution to reduce the number of documents required for review by experts and counsel. Because it is scalable, it provides cost-effective document triage even for small to medium productions.

TIGeR - Triage and Intelligence Gathering e-Discovery Routine

By combining historical research with chemical forensic analysis, TIG Environmental was able to clearly demonstrate what our client’s allocation share should be for the remediation and provide evidence for successful future settlement with other parties.

Allocation Support for a Submerged Lands Owner

TIG Environmental experts facilitated the company’s ability to be proactive in reducing risks of off-target transport from consumer use of the crop protection product and ensure water quality standards are achieved, ensuring responsible product stewardship and continued product-use licenses.

Consumer Product Use Monitoring

TIG Environmental's data viewing solutions allow us to answer client questions about a site in real-time during meetings with the client and other outside parties such as regulators or allocators.

Data Analytics and Visualization

The proactive assessment of third-party supply chain risk, and implementation of a strategy to prioritize and move on from specific contractual relationships allowed the manufacturer to de-risk certain parts of its operations in a manner consistent with its long-term strategy and ESG KPIs.

ESG and Supply Chain Risk Evaluation

TIG Environmental was able to identify multiple chemical signatures in the sediment, providing our client with identification of PRPs that have some liability for the sediment contamination.

Forensic Studies and Modeling

TIG Environmental develops web-based solutions that integrate geographic information systems (GIS), data management, analysis, and visualization accessible to our clients.

InSight - Putting Spatial Data Visualization and Analytics in the Hands of Our Clients

TIG Environmental employed cutting-edge chemical fingerprinting tools and data analyses to distinguish among various sources of PAHs.

PAH Fingerprinting Results in Correct Source Identification

Our analyses, including the development of interactive dashboards, are being used to evaluate and communicate the relevant information to counsel and develop the defense strategy.

PFAS Class Action Litigation

TIG Environmental provided a combination of technical expertise in remediating contaminated sediment sites. TIG Environmental’s role as an independent project coordinator resulted in net efficiency of budgets and schedule, all while improving the quality of project deliverables.

Project Coordinator for a Multi-Party Remediation Project Area

Our alternative approach resulted in significant reduction in removal volume and overall project cost.

Remedial Design and Construction Support

TIG Environmental are experts at data visualization, providing our clients with interactive tools to explore data and get answers client questions about a site in real-time during meetings with the client and other outside parties such as regulators or allocators.

Superfund Data Management and Visualization Dashboard

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