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TIG Joins Top 500 ENR Firm Verdantas!

Joining Verdantas allows us to bring a broader range of services to our clients and better serve their needs

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TIG Environmental's analysis is being used to support the client in obtaining a more equitable sharing of investigation, design, and response costs. The potential savings to the client could be in the millions of dollars.

Groundwater PFAS Contamination with Multiple Sources


TIG Environmental develops web-based solutions that integrate geographic information systems (GIS), data management, analysis, and visualization accessible to our clients.

InSight - Putting Spatial Data Visualization and Analytics in the Hands of Our Clients


TIG was able to successfully attribute nearly all of the sediment contamination to other parties and bring two parties into the cleanup of the upland parcel.

Allocation Strategy Support on an Urban River for a Water-Dependent Business


On behalf of our client, we presented evidentiary cases to EPA that resulted in the issuance of General Notice Letters to more than 100 PRPs.

Site Inventory, PRP Prioritization, and Strategic Case Building


TIG Environmental employs TIGSED to determine the sediment contamination attributable to our clients’ operations. TIGSED was developed by TIG Environmental to model sediment contributions from multiple discharge locations to evaluate source identification, source control, and natural recovery.

TIGSED Modeling System for Sediment Contamination


TIG Environmental developed an environmental impact assessment for discharged wastewater into the Curonian Lagoon in Lithuania.

Curonian Lagoon Environmental Impact Assessment


Sustainably reducing risk while protecting the environment is complex and challenging. The stakes for success are high. To successfully manage and resolve complex liabilities, assembling the right team and tools early in the process is essential.


TIG Environmental helps clients navigate the complexity of high-stakes environmental projects. Our experts have deep experience in finding facts, turning data into decisions, and steering strategies to achieve successful resolution. With experience and tools in advanced environmental science, engineering, statistics, project management, and information design, we specialize in investigating, analyzing, and arriving at well-informed strategic decisions that drive projects to successful outcomes.

Our experts have developed investigative, science, and engineering solutions for many of the largest contaminated sites in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Our team has helped clients navigate environmental projects in every phase, from discovery to successful restoration and remediation. Our integrated approach minimizes risks and brings projects to sustainable closure.


We offer clients the competitive advantages of intelligent investigation, advanced technical tools, strategic expertise, and global experience.  Learn more about our expertise and services here.

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