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Groundwater PFAS Contamination with Multiple Sources

The Problem

Groundwater PFAS contamination was found in the vicinity of a coatings facility. A large-scale sampling program identified large-scale PFAS contamination in residential wells. Regulators attributed this contamination to the coatings facility and pushed the owner to develop and pay for a comprehensive response including water treatment systems and expanding service of town water to affected properties. Although other potential sources of PFAS were known to exist, these other facilities were not being ordered to support the investigation or response.

The Solution

TIG Environmental’s scientists are working with other consultants to investigate other possible sources. This investigation is ongoing and includes a detailed forensic investigation of groundwater PFAS and sources and an evaluation of transport pathways and site histories. The results of the investigation are being used to delineate facility sources and differentiate these other local sources.

Value Added

The results are being used to support the client in obtaining a more equitable sharing of investigation, design, and response costs. The potential savings to the client could be in the millions of dollars.

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Michael Bock, PhD

Managing Director

Environmental Forensics Services Lead

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