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Operating Incident Investigation and
Implementation of Controls

The Problem

A national waste services company experienced a multi-million-dollar loss at their major recycling facility due to the introduction of contaminants in inbound shipments. Damages included remediation of the entire plant which had become contaminated, as well as product recalls and regulatory fines. Management suspected the contamination was a result of willful behavior, possibly related to ongoing union negotiations.

The Solution

Working with facility management, our team conducted an in-depth investigation to reconstruct the events leading to the loss, including the interview of personnel, detailed review of records, and background investigation of various subjects. Through a detailed reconstruction of the inbound supply chain and processes at the plant, we identified a series of human errors in the field screening and facility laboratory process that allowed the introduction of the contaminated shipment to the plant. 

Value Added

Our client was able to negotiate minimal penalties and fines as a result of identifying how the incident occurred, and implemented appropriate operational controls to minimize the threat of recurrence.

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Dennis Farley

President & CEO

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