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Contamination Due to Unidentified Sources

The Problem

Our client, the owner of a former industrial facility with no known onsite use of chlorinated solvents, faced a multi-million-dollar groundwater cleanup of the chlorinated solvents that were driving the need for remediation.

The Solution

TIG Environmental investigated historical operations conducted at the site and at neighboring sites. Our team identified three significant historical operations at the site, several operations at neighboring facilities, and the entities responsible for those operations. Following an in-depth investigation of these historical operations, TIG Environmental developed evidence of raw material use, spills, and disposal. To aid in the allocation process, TIG Environmental also conducted extensive investigative research to identify successors-in-interest to the three historical owner/operators of the site.

Value Added

This investigation resulted in a successful recovery for our client. During litigation, our expert testimony regarding successorship overcame a summary motion for dismissal made by one of the defendants, a Fortune 500 company.

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Dennis Farley

President & CEO

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Jennifer Benthin

Senior Scientist

Director of Research

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