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ESG and Product Stewarship


Today’s business environment presents new and evolving challenges for all industries. ESG principles, evolving regulations, and consumer preference for stewardship and sustainability drive market trends that influence and impact the operations of businesses throughout the supply chain. Managing this new paradigm has become increasingly important to stakeholders including investors, employees and customers, driving the need for businesses to respond in proactive fashion.


The Intelligence Group and TIG Environmental have a long history of supporting clients with ESG and Product Stewardship needs, ranging from internal operations to the far corners of their supply chain.  We provide ESG Advisory Services for developing and managing your ESG Program, Supply Chain Evaluation Services for managing vendor/supplier/partner liabilities, and Risk Management Services for mitigation and response when issues arise. 


ESG Advisory Services


Supply Chain Evaluation


Risk Management Services

For more information contact:
Dennis Farley
President & CEO
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