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Philip Spadaro, LG
Vice President & Principal Scientist
Contaminated Sediments Market Lead
  • Contaminated Sediment Investigation and Remediation

  • Environmental Chemistry Forensics Analysis

  • Technical Support for Allocation, Litigation, and Construction Claims

  • Source Identification and Control

  • Environmental Effects of Dredging and Capping

  • Gas Works Investigation and Remediation

  • Confined Disposal Facility Siting and Design

  • Design Coordination and Management

  • Community Outreach and Communication

  • Waterfront Property Redevelopment

Philip Spadaro is a leading international expert in urban and industrial waterfront redevelopment, sediment cleanup, and environmental effects of dredging. Technically based in environmental chemistry with strong proficiency in hydrogeology, geology, regulatory affairs, and remediation technology, Mr. Spadaro has more than three decades of experience applying his expertise and management skills to projects where sediment quality is a prominent issue. As a senior technical advisor, Mr. Spadaro provides technical support for litigation, allocation, construction claims, cost-recovery actions and other matters related to sediment remediation. In addition, Mr. Spadaro has extensive expertise in the siting, design, permitting, and construction of confined disposal facilities and in the fate and transport of contaminants in estuarine, riverine, and marine aquatic environments. He is an expert advisor to clients for international sediment management and remediation projects in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Through years of work focused entirely on the remediation of contaminated sediment and land on the urban and industrial waterfront, Mr. Spadaro has developed expertise in application of the available technologies including dredging, capping, monitored natural attenuation, and source control. The successful execution of these highly complex sediment remediation projects demands meticulous planning, strong scientifically sound technical approaches, and credibility with regulatory authorities. Mr. Spadaro's international reputation for designing and implementing inventive, appropriate, and cost-effective waterfront solutions is anchored in these qualities and in his commitment to seek out and respect the unique needs of every project, client, and cultural setting.

Years of Experience:
Education & Certifications
  • Master of Science, Geochemistry, University of Chicago

  • Bachelor of Science, Geochemistry, Cook College at Rutgers University

  • Licensed Geologist, WA 

  • Licensed Geologist, OR

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