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Carlo Monti, PhD
Managing Director
Environmental Forensics & European Practice Lead
  • Chemical fingerprinting

  • Environmental impact and risk assessments

  • Contaminant fate and transport

  • Environmental due diligence

  • Nuclear waste management

  • Environmental law enforcement

  • Evaluation and treatment of urban sewage

Dr. Carlo Monti is the managing director of forensics at TIG (TIG Environmental) SAGL in Pregassona, Lugano (CH). He holds a master’s degree in biology (hydrobiology) from the University of Milan (IT) and a Ph.D. in environmental sciences from the University of Parma (IT) and the University of California, Davis (USA). Dr. Monti is a recognized expert in the field of environmental forensics, focusing on chemicals such as dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs), and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). He has experience evaluating the environmental impacts of river flow regulation and alteration; chemical release and fate in watersheds, lakes, coastal lagoons, and seawaters; and the field of nuclear energy. He has broad project experience in assessing environmental impacts on aquatic and terrestrial biota from human activities, including nutrient releases that cause eutrophication; chemical releases (including mercury, arsenic, and various persistent and high- toxicity organics); energy production; and activities of the oil and gas industry.

Dr. Monti has completed numerous environmental impact assessments and risk assessments of areas and resources affected by industrial discharge in water ecosystems. Study locations include: Europe (Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Slovenia, Germany, Albania, Slovakia), North Africa, South America (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay), Central America (Costa Rica), Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China, India), and the Middle East and Gulf area (Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia). His primary targets have been the release of highly toxic chemicals, the thermic impact of warm discharges from energy plants, and industrial impacts on ecosystems, both aquatic and terrestrial. Dr. Monti has consulted for the Italian Government to develop and enforce Italian laws related to soil, sediment, and groundwater risk assessment and environmental damage assessment. He also has wide experience in the environmental effects of dismantling and decommissioning nuclear plants, and of nuclear waste management.

Years of Experience:
Education & Certifications
  • Ph.D., Environmental Sciences, Italian Institute of Hydrobiology, Verbania, VB (Italy) and University of California, Davis (USA)

  • Bachelor of Science, Biology, Milano State University

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