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Session C5: Remedy Cost Allocation Considerations and Alternative Financial Models

January 11, 2023

Chairs: Kate Lasseter (TIG Environmental) and Larry Silver (Langsam Stevens Silver & Hollaender)

Sediment remedy costs are estimated at totals approaching billions of dollars. While potential responsible parties seek to pay their fair share, who determines that fair share and how is that fair share developed at sites that have featured industrial operations for hundreds of years? The allocation process seeks to determine that fair share through the development and evaluation of an accurate conceptual site model, investigation of the evidentiary fact record, data analysis to identify and separate sources, and mediation between parties to achieve a successful outcome.

This session showcased the analyses and evaluations that answer these burning questions during the allocation process – who will pay to clean up the site and how much will it cost – as well as evaluating alternative methods for funding cleanup once those fair shares have been determined. The session featured four platform presentations and three posters from fifteen participants. A full list of presentations in the session is available in the technical program.

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