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TIGeR - Triage and Intelligence Gathering e-Discovery Routine

The Problem

The discovery phase in litigation cases can produce millions of pages of information and extracting intelligence from the massive productions can be laborious and, in some cases, cost prohibitive. Commercial platforms for storing and mining information may be too costly for small to medium size cases and, in other cases, may not have the flexibility or capability to search for the key documents with critical information.

The Solution

TIG Environmental developed a cost-effective software solution that can be readily customized to find documents containing relevant information for the specific cases. For example, TIGeR can locate documents with specific dates, analytical chemistry data, and descriptions of site-specific environmental pollution and/or process operations, among other topics. TIGeR flags documents that are irrelevant versus those that contain critical information for further review, reducing the amount of time experts and counsel need to identify critical information to the case.

Value Added

TIGeR has provided a cost-effective solution to reduce the number of documents required for review by experts and counsel. Because it is scalable, it provides cost-effective document triage even for small to medium productions.

For more information contact:
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Timothy Negley

Managing Director

Data Analytics & Visualization Services Lead

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Jennifer Benthin

Senior Scientist

Director of Research

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Bei Chu, PhD

Project Scientist

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