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Superfund Data Management and Visualization Dashboard

The Problem

During ongoing evaluations of a large complex Superfund site, our clients frequently posed questions about specific sites, media, and contaminants. Stakeholders and clients needed on-demand access to decades of analytical chemistry data, charts, and maps to evaluate suspected contamination sources and develop strategies.

The Solution

TIG Environmental compiled multiple disparate datasets in a central database and made the data available through an interactive web-based solution. All project team members can readily map, tabulate, and visualize any subset of the data collected over multiple decades. Our solution developers worked with stakeholders to understand information needs, design and develop the system, and build an intuitive user interface. The application provides users the ability to directly query the database using simple drop-down menus while protecting the data from unauthorized changes. TIG Environmental also developed a collaboration hub where requests for information can be submitted by the client and addressed by the project team.

Value Added

The application has streamlined addressing questions regarding specific sites, media, and contaminants by making all analytical chemistry and GIS data available to the entire project team. The system is securely accessible online 24 hours a day on desktop and mobile devices. Data are used to inform stakeholders and support strategic decisions and actions across the project team.

For more information contact:
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Timothy Negley

Managing Director

Data Analytics & Visualization Services Lead

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Jamie Combes

Principal Scientist

Data Integrity and Quality Management Lead

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Kathryn Ives

Project Scientist

GIS Lead

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