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Project Coordinator for a Multi-Party Remediation Project Area

The Problem

Multiple performing parties are negotiating an Administrative Settlement and Order on Consent (ASAOC) with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for remedial design (RD) at a large Superfund Site encompassing contaminated sediment and riverbank soils. The performing parties identified the need for an independent expert with proven project management skills and the requisite technical and regulatory experience associated with sediment remediation to coordinate stakeholder input and promote team efficiency during the remedial design process.

The Solution

TIG Environmental was retained by the client group to be the Project Coordinator. TIG Environmental facilitated communications and unity among the performing parties and functioned as liaison with regulators, contractors, and stakeholders. Our team of project management and sediment remediation experts provided critical technical oversight and strategic planning to support and streamline the remedial design process. We collaborated with the remedial design team to standardize project administration, streamline technical review processes, and provide financial stakeholder updates.

Value Added

By effectively providing a combination of technical expertise in remediating contaminated sediment sites and project management and regulatory liaison skills, TIG Environmental’s role as an independent project coordinator resulted in net efficiency of budgets and schedule, all while improving the quality of project deliverables.

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Philip Spadaro, LG

Vice President & Principal Scientist

Contaminated Sediments Market Lead

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Jason Dittman, PhD

Managing Director

Engineering and Remedial Services Lead

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