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Pre-remedial Design Studies for Capping and Natural Recovery

The Problem

The EPA remedy selection for an in-water Superfund site included engineered capping and natural recovery to address PCB and lead contamination. The engineering evaluation/cost analysis for the site recommended addressing the contaminated sediments through a combination of dredging, capping, enhanced monitored natural recovery/monitored natural recovery (EMNR/MNR), and institutional controls.

The Solution

TIG Environmental assisted site stakeholders throughout the design and remediation phases. Pre-remedial design studies addressed considerations such as the siting of a sediment handling facility relative to nearby residential neighborhoods. TIG Environmental also coordinated the development of proof-of-concept studies for EMNR/MNR and engineered capping.

Value Added

Despite the complex technical, regulatory, and social requirements for the site, TIG Environmental effectively balanced competing project demands while keeping the schedule moving forward. Our team’s project approach reassured EPA and the community that their needs and concerns were met.

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Philip Spadaro, LG

Vice President & Principal Scientist

Contaminated Sediments Market Lead

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