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PCB Forensics at a Major Superfund Site

The Problem

As part of the allocation at a major Superfund site on a river system, our client, as manager of the river sediment, was potentially responsible for PCB and PAH sediment contamination in a portion of the river that had previously been remediated and had no evident PRPs.

The Solution

TIG Environmental conducted chemical forensic analysis of sediment samples within the area and compared them to known PCB Aroclors standards and various petroleum-related product signatures. This chemical analysis was combined with historical research of the previous operations and contamination associated with those operations to connect contaminant signatures seen in the sediment with known historical operations and operators.

Value Added

TIG Environmental was able to identify multiple chemical signatures in the sediment that were consistent with specific upland operations and the insufficiency of the previous remediation of sediments, providing our client with identification of PRPs that have some liability for the sediment contamination.

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Michael Bock, PhD

Managing Director

Environmental Forensics Services Lead

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