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PAH Fingerprinting Results in Correct Source Identification

The Problem

TIG Environmental provided technical expert support to evaluate the sources and extent of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) contamination in sediments at a large in-water Superfund site.

The Solution

After an extensive evaluation of historical records and technical reports to reconstruct more than 100 years of upland operations, TIG Environmental performed a forensic analysis to evaluate the extent of PAH contamination in sediments and to differentiate among multiple upland sources. Using investigative techniques and chemometric data analysis methods such as principle component analysis, development and interpretation of alkylated PAH profiles and diagnostic ratios, as well as review of the spatial patterns of PAH contamination in sediments, we developed strong arguments on behalf of our client to support their site-specific legal position.

Value Added

Investigators at TIG Environmental employed cutting-edge chemical fingerprinting tools and data analyses to distinguish among various sources of PAHs. With the results of our forensic analysis, we provided technically sound and defensible position papers and expert reports to support our client relative to anticipated allocation of remedial costs.

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Michael Bock, PhD

Managing Director

Environmental Forensics Services Lead

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Nicholas Rose

Principal Scientist

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