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Managing Emerging Risks

The Problem

A food manufacturer was concerned about impacts of emerging contaminants, including glyphosate and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), on their sourced ingredients, manufacturing operations, and packaging. These emerging contaminants are regulated via an evolving patchwork of state, federal and international guidelines, and consumer preference is driving the adoption of “zero content” products in the marketplace.

The Solution

Working with the client’s food safety team, The Intelligence Group designed and delivered a live, client-facing dashboard that provides jurisdictional regulatory status, standards, and guidelines; acquires environmental data in a geospatial format to monitor locations where ingredients are sourced; and provides intelligence regarding studies, research, and scientific and regulatory advances. Each component of the dashboard is updated in real time.

Value Added

The Intelligence Group provided our manufacturing client with a cost-effective and robust tool for quickly assessing and monitoring risks posed by emerging contaminants in a complex and evolving regulatory landscape.

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Dennis Farley

President & CEO

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Timothy Negley

Managing Director

Data Analytics & Visualization Services Lead

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