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Consumer Product Use Monitoring

The Problem

A multi-national agrochemical company was seeking to track continent-wide public monitoring data for crop protection products in groundwater and surface water. The company wanted to ensure the chemicals being used by growers were not being transported off the target site in exceedance of acceptable regulatory levels.

The Solution

Working with the company’s product managers, a web-based system was designed for compiling and summarizing public monitoring data for the continent of interest. The system was accessible to the company’s product managers and environmental safety department. An interactive map compared public monitoring data to regulatory standards highlighting any cases requiring investigation. Statistical reports summarizing the data were also available to the specific product managers responsible for stewarding a given product.

Value Added

The tool facilitates the company’s ability to be proactive in reducing risks of off-target transport from consumer use of the crop protection product and ensure water quality standards are achieved, ensuring responsible product stewardship and continued product-use licenses.

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Timothy Negley

Managing Director

Data Analytics & Visualization Services Lead

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