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Alleged Dioxin Emissions from an Industrial Facility

The Problem

An industrial facility is defending itself from multiple lawsuits in which the plaintiffs allege dioxin emissions from the facility have contributed to the development of cancers. Multiple active plaintiffs and lawsuits are associated with this facility.

The Solution

TIG Environmental’s scientists conducted a detailed forensic investigation of dioxins in environmental samples and compared the dioxin profiles to likely dioxin sources. The results of the investigation indicate that emissions from the client’s facility have no discernable contribution to the dioxins measured in the vicinity of the facility and identify other sources and likely contributors. TIG Environmental’s scientists have prepared expert reports, trial exhibits, and expert testimony to support the litigation.

Value Added

TIG Environmental’s expert reports and expert testimony are helping the client negotiate favorable settlements with some plaintiffs and mount a vigorous defense in court cases associated with other plaintiffs.

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Michael Bock, PhD

Managing Director

Environmental Forensics Services Lead

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