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November 1, 2021

PFAS Contamination Related to Insurance Claims

Dr. Bock, Senior Technical Expert of Forensics at TIG Environmental recently co-authored a paper on PFAS (per and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) contamination as it relates to insurance claims. In the paper, Dr. Bock and additional experts from Ramboll, Anderson Kill, IAG, WillisTowers Watson, and Wilson Elser discusses the current and historical uses of PFAS, fate and transport characteristics, methodologies for dating releases, and using chemical evidence (aka fingerprinting) to develop a comprehensive conceptual model of releases and the challenges associated with implementing and estimating costs of remedial solutions. The paper also addresses important issues including (1) understanding insurance policies and how they may be applied to PFAS liability claims including investigating old policies and understanding which policies may apply, (2) insurance archeology and maximizing coverage for PFAS liabilities (3) understanding current pollution policies and PFAS liability, and (4) PFAS litigation. Dr. Bock can be reached at with any questions or comments about the paper that can be obtained here: Remediating, Insuring, and Litigating PFAS Claims - HB Litigation Conferences

TIG Environmental Staff

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Michael Bock, PhD

Managing Director

Environmental Forensics Services Lead

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