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August 19, 2020

Monitoring the Remedy – Construction and Community

TIG Environmental's Philip Spadaro served as one of three panelists presenting on sediment remediation and environmental justice at the Environmental Law Education Center. 

The panelists included Philip Spadaro, Principal Scientist and Vice President of TIG Environmental; James Rasmussen, Superfund Manager at the Duwamish River CleanUp Coalition/TAG; and Kizz Prussia, Public Policy Project Associate at Triangle Associates, Inc. Using case studies from Portland Harbor and the Lower Duwamish Waterway, they explored the environmental justice issues that arise at remediation projects, how to assess the impact on nearby communities, and how to engage the public in remediation decisions. Mr. Spadaro spoke on the topic "Monitoring the Remedy – Construction and Community". Presentations included the opportunity for Q&A.

TIG Environmental Staff

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Philip Spadaro, LG

Vice President & Principal Scientist

Contaminated Sediments Market Lead

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