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October 6, 2021

Building a Concise and Accurate Disclosure or Discovery Response Strategy

Responses as part of environmental allocation and civil litigation matters take many forms- including 104(e) requests, disclosure questionnaires, and other submittals as part of a discovery process. Further, the extent of these inquiries vary on a site-by-site basis. Yet each of these responses serve as the foundational narrative of the potentially responsible party.  Responding to these disclosure and discovery requests can pose various challenges in understanding which facts are critical to understanding a party’s involvement. Key challenges include anticipating further lines of technical inquiry and engaging relevant stakeholders especially, and possibly most importantly, in the case of sites where multiple properties, parties, and contaminants are involved. This presentation demonstrated how a holistic management approach can increase efficiency in the response process.

Presented by Jill Demars and Erin Warlow.

TIG Environmental Staff

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Jill DeMars

Senior Scientist

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