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Engineering and Remedial Services



TIG Environmental has a proven track record of providing customized cost-effective solutions to our clients on environmental matters for over 20 years. Specializing in sediment and urban waterways, TIG Environmental’s multi-disciplinary team of professionals provide expert support on remedial planning, design and implementation support, cost recovery, and litigation matters. Our mission is simple: drive maximum value and efficiency into the remedial process to minimize our client’s overall exposure.

Site Strategy and Evaluation

TIG Environmental helps clients identify critical details, steer through overlapping processes, and manage accelerated time frames to develop cost-effective approaches by:

  • Integrating the remedial investigation/feasibility study process with remedial design/remedial action objectives and cost allocation strategies to facilitate a streamlined, holistic approach

  • Using adaptive management strategies to reduce uncertainties and facilitate progress to informed decision-making 

  • Assessing remedial technologies, including monitored natural recovery, to find practical solutions that fit site requirements and constraints 

  • Developing and leveraging probabilistic cost estimates for remedial alternatives to provide transparency throughout the process 

  • Negotiating with regulatory agencies to develop approaches that meet stakeholder requirements

Remedial Planning, Design & Value Engineering

With many time-tested and new, innovative techniques and technologies available, the selection and planning of practical, cost-effective remedies can be challenging. TIG Environmental’s team of licensed engineers, scientists and modelers provides critical guidance to our clients by:

  • Developing conceptual designs, efficacy analyses, and cost estimates 

  • Managing the development and integration of technical design components into an overall cost-effective remedial action 

  • Performing sustainability assessments and value engineering assessments 

  • Conducting sufficiency assessments to evaluate if upland and in-water sources are controlled, identify necessary mitigation measures, and determine that post-remediation recontamination is unlikely to occur

Remedy Implementation & Project Coordination

Whether our client is involved in a multi-party remediation or is the sole responsible party, our services as a project coordinator help ensure overall project quality and manage the exposure of our clients. TIG Environmental can provide project management services in multiple roles: 

Project Coordinator for Planning and Pre-Construction 

  • Strategic planning for pre-design investigations and design 

  • Performing value engineering reviews 

  • Developing scopes of work and management of bidding and contracting activities for subcontracted services 

Construction Project Coordinator/Owner's Representative

  • Tracking and forecasting schedule and costs, invoice and change order review, submittal review, design/contract compliance monitoring, technical input on constructability issues, and design changes 

  • Integrity monitoring to prevent potential contractor fraud 

  • Developing and implementing monitoring programs, including community quality of life effects or recontamination modeling and monitoring 

  • Development of project user-friendly dashboards to facilitate stakeholders timely review and assessment of data, including schedule and budget information, collected during construction

Agency and Community Liaison

  • Negotiating with state and federal agencies 

  • Developing, managing, and implementing community outreach and engagement programs

Information & Data Management

Dealing with data, clients can run into aggravating issues of too much information, disparate data, and unwieldly and unfriendly databases. By building a user-friendly data-sharing environment for the entire project team, TIG Environmental provides its clients the ability to visualize project information, facilitate a more comprehensive understanding of such information, and develop a value driven solution for the project. TIG Environmental’s team of programmers, data analysts and statisticians provide information and data management support by: 

  • Effectively evaluating and providing meaning behind the data to uncover stories otherwise not seen 

  • Developing user-friendly dashboards to share information and data with clients, counsel, or other supporting experts by providing user-level access to all site analytical data on a real-time basis 

We develope data visualization tools that effectively convey information and messaging unique to the various stakeholders by displaying information such as:

  • Remedial construction or operations and maintenance progress metrics (e.g. actual vs projected schedules and costs, hazardous and non-hazardous material tracking by site or portfolio of sites)

  • Time based performance monitoring data with statistical evaluations and projections 

  • Quality of life information/data of interest to Community Advisory Groups, local residences/businesses, and oversight agencies (e.g. traffic control/routes, air quality, odor, noise, and in-river sound monitoring)

Remediation Cost Recovery and Litigation Support

TIG Environmental specializes in evidence gathering, forensic analyses, and sophisticated investigative techniques to support clients in remediation cost recovery and allocation matters. We support our clients and their counsel in remediation cost recovery negotiations and other litigation matters by:

  • Evaluating site investigation information, basis of design data, and remedy performance data to assess the appropriateness of a remedy selection and design (for example, value engineering assessment)

  • Analyzing remedial construction contracts, field performance and inspection reports, schedules, and costs of material, labor, and equipment related to construction claims

  • Managing and triaging discovery/evidentiary databases for efficiency and cost effectiveness 

  • Performing forensic analysis regarding sources and impacts using multiple lines of evidence 

  • Conducting technical evaluations and developing expert reports to summarize technical positions and factual data in support of cost recovery claims and cost allocation disputes

Project Coordinator

Whether our client is involved in a multi-party remediation or is the sole responsible party, our services as a project coordinator will help ensure overall project quality and manage the exposure of our clients:

Planning & Pre-Construction 

  • Strategic planning for pre-design investigations and design

  • Value engineering reviews

  • Developing scopes of work and managing bidding and contracting activities for subcontracted services.

Construction - Owner's Representative

  • Tracking and forecasting schedule and costs; invoice and change order review; submittal review; design/contract compliance monitoring; technical input on constructability issues and design changes 

  • Integrity monitoring to prevent potential contractor fraud

  • Developing & implementing monitoring programs (i.e. community quality of life effects, recontamination modeling/monitoring)

  • Managing and assessing data and information collected during construction

Agency and Community Liaison

  • Agency negotiation

  • Developing, managing, and implementing community outreach and engagement programs


TIG Environmental applied an allocation strategy using multiple lines of evidence to quantify an allocable share to all parties for contamination near the client’s property, thereby potentially reducing the client’s liabilities for cleanup costs.

Allocation and Cost Recovery Technical Support

TIG Environmental’s analysis proved that polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) releases from the client’s facilities were much lower than anticipated, resulting in a lower allocation.

Identification of Relative Contaminant Discharge Leads to Lower Allocation

TIG Environmental provided a combination of technical expertise in remediating contaminated sediment sites. TIG Environmental’s role as an independent project coordinator resulted in net efficiency of budgets and schedule, all while improving the quality of project deliverables.

Project Coordinator for a Multi-Party Remediation Project Area

TIG Environmental moved a multi-stakeholder project forward to completion, implementing a practical solution at a complex site. Our proposed solution was accepted by the client, the regulators, and the community.

Design and Implementation of Deep Excavation for PCB Removal

TIG Environmental demonstrated that PCBs adjacent to the client's facility did not originate from the facility’s current or historical operations, but instead from the operations of upstream or adjacent facilities.

PCB Characterization and Sediment Modeling Result in More Equitable Cost Allocation

Our alternative approach resulted in significant reduction in removal volume and overall project cost.

Remedial Design and Construction Support

TIG Environmental supported our client on a construction claim dispute. The case was settled in a way that minimized their original requested financial outlay and avoided continued litigation costs.

Expert Analysis of a Construction Claim

TIG Environmental effectively balanced competing project demands while keeping the schedule moving forward. Our team’s project approach reassured EPA and the community that their needs and concerns were met.

Pre-remedial Design Studies for Capping and Natural Recovery

TIG Environmental are experts at data visualization, providing our clients with interactive tools to explore data and get answers client questions about a site in real-time during meetings with the client and other outside parties such as regulators or allocators.

Superfund Data Management and Visualization Dashboard

For more information contact:
Jason Dittman, PhD
Jason Dittman, PhD
Managing Director

Engineering and Remedial Services Lead

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